Personal Loan

The personal loan has, of course, been around for years.   There have been few changes in recent years when it comes to personal loans. There has only been an amendment when it comes to redeeming the fine. Where in the past you had to pay a fine for the early repayment of the personal

Investment loan: Business loan for companies

An investment loan serves to finance investments within a company so that growth can be continued. Anyone who wants to start as a starting entrepreneur may already be warned about the high costs of starting an independent activity. For example, one will have to invest in a company building, provide a commercial vehicle and /

Green loan or home loan for a renovation?

Those who intend to carry out renovation work on his home will undoubtedly also pay attention to the loan that is needed to finance this. There is a difference between the renovation loan, the home loan and the green loan. The interest rate of a green loan (or energy loan ) often looks pretty attractive.

Peer to peer loans

Guaranteed personal loans from other companies often come with a difficult entry process but the peer-to-peer loans these are loans from individuals for individuals.   Everyone knows that today’s world is about money, and to fulfill your needs you have to work very hard to earn the necessary money to achieve your goals and fantasies.

More and more students have a student loan

Research by Statistics  shows that almost 4 billion euros have been contracted out to student loans. Half of this went to student loans, which are available from the loan company in either an additional form or if students do not meet the conditions of the performance-related grant. The performance-related grant must motivate students to “study”

Straight loan: business loans for entrepreneurs

A straight loan is a lesser known form of borrowing money for professional borrowers. When one talks about investing and trading, creditors quickly overcharge an investment credit or cash credit . However, straight loans can be more profitable for many self-employed people and entrepreneurs. What is a straight loan and what are the main characteristics

Balloon loan as car financing – Car loans

Financing new car with balloon ? Buyers who wish to finance their new car or second-hand car via a car loan receive an abundance of offers and low-cost car loans via the internet. The majority of the lenders make use of a classic car financing. Several lenders and garage owners today also offer borrowers the