Mini loan: Quickly borrow 500 euros if you are short of time?

Do you ever think I would like to borrow 500 euros quickly? Then perhaps this is easier than you might think.   With a mini loan you can quickly and easily borrow between 100 and 800 euros, so even if you need more money than this is possible. If you have never heard of the […]

Get a loan, but with whom?

If you need money and want to take out a loan, you can go to various places.   Here we discuss the most common lenders and tell you what the pros and cons of the type of provider are concerned.   Option 1: Loan companies One of the most popular places to turn to for […]

Wedding Loan

If you want to borrow money for other purposes, such as a holiday or a wedding, this is more a form of ‘luxury’ borrowing.   You can, of course, wonder why someone would take out a loan to pay for a wedding. A big wedding party is not a necessity. Although … If all goes […]

Credit quote for a car loan?

You want to borrow money to buy a new or second-hand car. If your financial position allows this, various forms are possible, namely car loan, car credit, car financing. Are you going to borrow money for a car then it is wise that you adjust the term of the loan to the (expected) life of […]

Loan for a new kitchen

You want to borrow money to buy a new kitchen. If your financial position allows this, different forms are possible, namely the kitchen loan, kitchen credit and kitchen financing.   Often the kitchen salesman offers you a loan, and although it is easy to take out the loan right here, this is often an expensive […]

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