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Often the kitchen salesman offers you a loan, and although it is easy to take out the loan right here, this is often an expensive form of loan or credit. Nor is it his profession. He wants to sell a kitchen and does not know the financing. With loan loans, you take out a tailor-made loan, tailored to your purchase.

Are you going to borrow money for a kitchen then it is wise that you adjust the term of the loan to the (expected) life of the kitchen. So if you expect to be able to do the kitchen for 15 years, it is best to ensure that the loan is repaid by no later than 15 years. This prevents you from having another kitchen and the loan for the old kitchen is still running. In that case there is a risk that the height of the kitchen loan or the kitchen credit is higher than the value of the kitchen.

We work with many lenders to meet your needs. We are not a lender - our large network of lenders is eager to fund your loan!

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28, Jan2019
Online payday loan application -Where can I get a loan online?

Where can I get a loan online? In this article, you can read more about Getting Online Loans In 2019. The choice of whether you take out a loan or save for a particular expense depends entirely on whether you need money at your disposal. Is it a cost item for which you can postpone […]

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16, Jan2019
Do you want to loan money without income?

The less money you have, the greater your need to borrow money to be able to get around and do nice things.   Especially if you have no income at all, this need is very great. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands it is not easy to borrow money if you have no income. Many even think […]

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14, Jan2019
Personal Loan

The personal loan has, of course, been around for years.   There have been few changes in recent years when it comes to personal loans. There has only been an amendment when it comes to redeeming the fine. Where in the past you had to pay a fine for the early repayment of the personal […]

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