Personal Loan

The personal loan has, of course, been around for years.


There have been few changes in recent years when it comes to personal loans. There has only been an amendment when it comes to redeeming the fine. Where in the past you had to pay a fine for the early repayment of the personal loan, it has now been canceled with almost all providers.
But with the arrival of a new provider, more has changed.
The personal loan reinvented? Hell yes! We will tell you more about the money in the form of a personal loan in the new way below.

The personal loan that changed life

With a new provider at our company a lot has changed when taking out a personal loan.
From now on you can use a personal loan much more flexibly. The personal loan is not called the most personal loan for nothing.
The biggest difference with the new personal loan lies in the possibilities if you want to make additional solutions. As indicated, this is already penalty-free for most providers. That is no different with the newest provider in personal loans. In fact, you can not only pay off without penalty. After the extra solutions you can also decide for yourself how you want the extra payment processed. You choose to reduce the monthly installment and leave the term equal, or you can choose to shorten the term. And this is truly unique! Knowing more? Contact us and we will gladly explain it to you.

Free term life insurance with the new personal loan

In addition to the extra flexibility, there is another big advantage. The new personal loan has a standard term life insurance policy. You have a life insurance policy of no less than € 25,000 for free. Here too, the new provider is completely unique. In our opinion there is no other provider that currently also offers a free life insurance policy with his loan. Cross your loan to this low-cost provider? We will gladly tell you more about it. Contact you and go all the way with your time with this advantageous loan!

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